Many of you will be wondering what the new ISO 14001:2015 will entail. “Have a lot of changes been implemented?” and “What do the new features of the updated standard mean?” In short: What is its impact on your organization and what does this mean for your current certification? As of September 2015, the new standard applies and we would like to show you all that has changed.

QMS International has developed a training to make you aware of the changes and practical application within your organization. During this one-day training you will combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical application of the new ISO 14001:2015 norm.

Some of the learning objectives are:

  • You know how to implement the High Level Structure (HLS) in your current management system
  • You know  the main differences between 14001:2004 and 14001:2015
  • You can describe the new requirements concerning organizational context, leadership, planning and support within your own organization
  • You lay the focus on the inventory of risks and opportunities
  • You know what must be changed in your current Environmental Management System based on the new High Level Structure;
  • We will inform you about the transition arrangements for your current certification.