ISO 21469 is an internationally recognized standard which specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants which during manufacture process can come into incidental contact (e.g. through heat transfer, load transmission, lubrication or the corrosion protection of machinery) with products and packaging used in the food, food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, or animal-feeding-stuffs industries.

Topics covered in ISO 21469 are hygiene requirements, correct product description and packaging, risk assessment in the whole production process.

What are the advantages of an ISO 21469 certification?

  • Lubricants are controlled as food safe;
  • The product description is correct, packaging ensures food safety;
  • Risk assessment is undertaken in the whole production process;

What are the benefits of QMS International?

  • QMS International offers the possibility of certification within 45 days;
  • It applies a pragmatic and standards-based approach;
  • An independent and ethical attitude;
  • Qualified auditors for several ISO-standards with excellent knowledge of the industry and standard(s);
  • Non-bureaucratic approach towards our customers;
  • No unexpected costs and delays;
  • Extensive worldwide experience with management systems.