Time for a fresh look at your present certification?

Or are you looking for a certification institute that enables you to get more out of your quality system during the certification period? QMS International can easily manage your existing certification system without any additional costs.

 Why transfer your certification to QMS International?

  • Innovative and progressive certification institute with worldwide experience and authority;
  • Supervised service by an Accreditation body;
  • Service- and solution-oriented during the certification period;
  • Auditors with sufficient knowledge of norms and experience in your industry;
  • A pragmatic and norm-conform approach during the audit;
  • Pragmatic audit report with clear and transparent communication;
  • No unexpected costs and time related delays.

We will take over your existing certification in only three steps:

Step 1 – Contact us to make an appointment or to request an offer without any obligation. We will prepare, after receiving the certification request, a quotation for the transfer of your current certification.

Step 2 – Make sure that your contract will be terminated with your current certification body. Normally there is a period of notice of 2-3 months added in your contract.

Step 3 – If you agree with our offer, we will contact you for coordinating the audit planning so we plan the re-certification audit before the expiration of your current certification.


Are you interested to transfer your current certification to QMS International? Please feel free to contact us for a free quote or to make an appointment.