How can you as an organization prepare for a certification?

Your certification can be done within 4 steps:

  • Step 1 – Objectives and scope of certification
  • Step 2 – Implementation
  • Step 3 – Pre-Audit/ GAP-analysis
  • Step 4 – ISO-certification


Step 1 – Objectives and scope of certification:

Initially, it will be necessary to clearly envision your objectives and scope for the certification. Ultimately, the choice of certifying your quality management system means more structure, continuous improvement and development within your organization. Besides that it is important that all employees, including management, are closely involved with your certification.


Step 2 – The Implementation:

Upon the implementation of your quality management system you are to describe the processes used within your organization, the design, implementation of management reviews and carry out internal audits. Since management systems are almost always based on the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act model, it is recommended to adopt this model.

Within this phase, internal audits are executed as well. The execution of internal audits is essential and a must; important issues and anomalies are brought into view ahead of time. Do you want to derive more from your internal audits? See also our training page.


Step 3 – Pre-audit/ GAP-analysis:

With our pre-audit/ GAP-analysis, you can easily determine where you are in the certification process. Prior to the (re)certification audit, the pre-audit provides you with insight into the process and potential improvements to successfully complete the (re)certification. The pre-audit can be applied to all standards; single standards as well as integrated standards.


Step 4 – ISO-certification:

QMS International shall certify your company in accordance with the certification process. After a favourable evaluation we will present you with a certificate together with the logos from the applicable standard. This certificate provides you the recognition of being certified.