The process of certification or re-certification is carried out in compliance with company procedures and in accordance with and based on ISO/ IEC 17021-1:2015. This procedure applies to any management system covered by QMS International. The process of certification requires the following steps:


QMS International prepares a quotation for the certification process on request. All activities such as processing, costs, days and certification rules including terms and conditions are outlined in the quotation. An order confirmation is included with this quotation. This order confirmation together with the quotation are the basis of a long term relationship between the client and QMSI.


Once the client has accepted the quotation and returned the signed order confirmation it then becomes a certification contract for the next 3-years.

Stage 1 Audit

The stage 1 audit consists of a review of all quality related documents and relevant procedures by the management system to review compliance with the requirements of the relevant ISO Standard. The audit can be conducted onsite or remotely following submission of all relevant documents. The auditor will review all presented documentation during the audit that is considered relevant and prepare a report accordingly.

On successful completion of stage 1 audit, the client may proceed to stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 Audit

In this second part of the audit, the auditor reviews the quality of implementation of the Management System by the client and its effectiveness. Various business processes are checked for compliance with the requirements of the management system documents and the relevant standard.

The auditor discusses his findings and any possible nonconformances. At this stage no recommendation or decision is made and the auditor will advise QMS International with his findings and result.


The auditor shall provide an audit report detailing the relevant information collected, any findings and possible nonconformances and concludes with a recommendation to the management of the certifying body. This report is issued two weeks later following the final discussion of the ‘Stage 2 Audit’ with the customer. A supervisor or an appropriate representative of QMS International reviews the Audit report and the auditor’s findings and reviewed the accurate and contain of all the necessary information. A decision to certify the organization is then made by the certification board of QMS International based on this certification audit.


If the certification decision delivered by QMS International is positive, the client is informed of their status as a certified company and receives an official QMS International certificate. In the case of significant nonconformances, the client is given the opportunity to comply with the requirements of the certification process by the specified deadline.

It may be necessary for the certification body to conduct audits of certified clients at short notice or unannounced to investigate complaints, or in response to changes or as a follow-up on suspended certificates.