The ISO 22000 standard is the International norm for food safety. The standard is applied by food producers and by other companies that transfer food, store food or trade food.

Within this International norm the principles of the ‘’Hazard Analyse and Critical Control Points’’ (HACCP) system are integrated, with the steps toward application written by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The danger analysis is the key to an efficient management system of food security. This danger analysis gives the organisation useful information to implement an efficient combination of controlling measures. The ISO 22000 norm demands that all dangers in relation to the process and facilities are being identified and judged. This judgement should determine risks and the danger they bring along, therefore the controlling measures should be made very specific in order to control the risks. Additionally, this is once again monitored by verifying whether or not the sufficient level of control is being obtained.

The new standard ISO 22000:2018 replaces the ISO 22000:2005, which is similar to the updates of other ISO standards, but contains the implementation of the Higher Level Structure (HLS). Besides identifying risks, the new standard emphasizes the attention towards the opportunities, which is a joined principle together with the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.