QMS International GmbH is a certification body in the field of management systems. Since 1997 QMS International has been certifying management systems for a wide range of clients and covering a variety of Standards. Through a pragmatic compliance approach QMS International meets the needs of its customers. Practice over the years has shown that this approach is efficient, effective and highly appreciated by our customers.

Our customers come from various sectors: public services, hospitals, pharmacies, building, industry, manufacturing and services. QMS has clients all over the world, mainly in: Europe, Asia and the Middle-East.

QMS International believes in a personal approach and we guarantee optimal support of your certification process. We therefore impose high demands on our auditors when it comes to training, work experience and industry knowledge sensitive. QMS International provides services in the following market sectors: (IT) information security, health care, security, distribution & transport, manufacturing, engineering, translation and services & consulting.


To provide a wide range of services in the field of Quality Management Systems in accordance with international standards and guidelines. Our principles are equal to the International Standard Organization in Geneva (ISO):  “Say what you do, do what you say and prove it”.


“Make our clients aware of the pragmatic application of the (Integrated) ISO-standard(s) and added value for the organization during the certification period with QMS International”. This vision describes our ambition to provide our clients with the right information and auditors with a good know-how of the business and standard(s). This gives our clients a great value that support their business for the future in several ways. We work to get better in each of these areas, every day”.


QMS International is an accredited* certification body in the field of management systems. Our management systems and our technical competence are annually reviewed by accreditation body, the DAkkS in Germany. These assessments contribute to the confidence and impartiality in the services we provide in terms of certification and the guarantee for the delivery of consistent quality through qualified and skilled auditors all in accordance with and based on ISO/ IEC 17021:2015.

*Only certain QMS scopes (IAF/EA)