• 2015-06-14 11:17:48 ROTTERDAM - Verschillende groenten tijdens een gratis lunch op Plein 1940 tijdens het evenement Damn Food Waste. Met de actie wil de organisatie voedselverspilling onder de aandacht brengen. ANP BAS CZERWINSKI
    29 Aug 2018

    New edition of ISO 22000 just out!

    With over two hundred diseases spread through the food chain, it’s clear that safe, sustainable food production is one of our greatest challenges. Globalization of the food trade further complicates …

  • iso-19011-2018-2-848x480
    23 Aug 2018

    The new international norm ISO 19011:2018

    The new International norm ISO 19011:2018 for the auditing of management systems has been published. ISO 19011:2018 describes the principles of auditing, the management of an audit program and the …

  • shutterstock_197557883
    06 Sep 2017

    What exactly does risk management imply?

    Risk management is a term, that we increasingly come across within the different ISO standards. But what exactly does risk management imply? How far do we have to go to …

  • shutterstock_307407380
    10 Apr 2017

    With regard to the future ……

    With regard to the future we are pleased to inform you that we recently received the accreditation based on the norms ISO/ IEC 17021:2015 and the ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 (according …

  • shutterstock_476544934
    03 Nov 2016

    How can ISO-standards help your business?

    Whether you own a small or a large business, which grows rapidly or needs more stability, ISO standards can help you improve your business and gives you a competitive edge …

  • shutterstock_363058655
    11 Aug 2016

    What is the added value of an accreditation?

    Many of our (potential) customers ask us whether we are accredited.The answer is YES we are! However, it is not clear to everyone what this accreditation implies and what the …

  • shutterstock_368080166
    02 May 2016

    The updated ISO 13485:2016 has been published

    The international standard provides an effective framework to meet the comprehensive requirements for a medical devices quality management system; for manufacturers and service providers to both comply and demonstrate their …

  • business, people, inspiration and team work concept - close up of business group sitting at table with bulb doodle on paper sheet in office
    28 Apr 2016

    How to survive an ISO audit

    How can you obtain your ISO certification? When you choose for an ISO certification, you choose for a tool to improve your organization, to discover your weaknesses and to continuously …

  • shutterstock_227957380
    10 Feb 2016

    FROM OHSAS 18001 TO ISO/ DIS 45001

    OHSAS 18001 is the globally accepted standard which provides a framework for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Dangers and risks are identified and evaluated with an Occupational Health and Safety Management …


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