Many of our (potential) customers ask us whether we are accredited.The answer is YES we are! However, it is not clear to everyone what this accreditation implies and what the added value of an accredited certification body is. Therefore: a short explanation on the subject of accreditation.

Which accreditation body is accepted?

Each Member State has one accreditation body, or “notified body”. For example The Netherlands has the RvA, Germany has the DAkkS and England the UKAS. All these accreditation bodies are affiliated with the IAF/MLA: an international establishment that registers all notified bodies and  issues mandatory documents on a globale scale. It is possible that a certification body is accredited by multiple establishments, as long as they are registered with the IAF/MLA and are therefore internationally recognised.

What does an accreditation mean?
An accreditation body is designed to monitor the certification bodies in a professional, impartial and independent manner and can also be known as a conformity assessment body. The certification bodies are assessed through tests on, among others, national (NEN, DIN & BS), European (EN) and international (ISO and IEC) standards. The aim is to give the customer confidence and to have this trust be justified by an official institution. The accreditation body shall review the certification body at least once a year. In this review all operation processes and the qualification of the auditors will be assessed.

An accreditation may be granted after an extensive procedure for different standards. The certification body is entirely free to have not only the conformity assessment accredited for various industries, but also the EN-ISO/IEC 17021:2015, i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and/or ISO/IEC 27001. Please note that an accreditation is not an obligation and certificates may also be granted by non-accredited, certification bodies.

Accreditation of QMS International

QMS International has been accredited in Germany since 2005 and results therefore under the German accreditation body DAkkS, part of the Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWI). QMS International’s processes are assessed by the DAkkS several times annually. In addition, the accreditation body demands various witness audits. This means that the accreditation body may also carry out witness audits at customers locations and their systems.

For QMS International, getting accredited means that our processes are assessed, justified and confirmed by the DAkkS and are internationally registered under the IAF. Something we are very proud of!