Whether you own a small or a large business, which grows rapidly or needs more stability, ISO standards can help you improve your business and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors or provides advantage in tender procedures.

Companies look in different ways to ISO-standards and make conscious choices in letting ISO-standards play a role in the organization. More and more companies choose to implement a standard not only from a customer demand, but also from an internal point of view and see more and more the added value for the company.

If you make the choice to let ISO-standards play a role within your organization, it also means to choose the appropriate standard(s). Which standard is relevant for your organization? What is relevant in the industry or field you are working in? What are your clients asking for? After answering these questions, you start with the implementation of an ISO-standard(s).

The implementation shall bring more confidence in the organization, more structure, more efficiency and gives you a competitive edge to your competition. After the implementation, your company can be certified and you can present with this certification to customers, business partners and competitors that you meet the requirements of the ISO-standard(s), and that it is controlled by a certification body.

What benefits bring ISO-standards to your organization?

  • Work more efficiently and effectively;
  • Achieve Growth;
  • Reducing risks;
  • A competitive edge over competitors;
  • Have an advantage in tender procedures.


What can QMS International do for you?

QMS International has many years of worldwide experience in the certification of companies in a wide range of disciplines and industries.
What do we offer our customers?

  • Possibility of certification within 45 days;
  • Pragmatic and standards-based approach;
  • Independent and honest attitude;
  • Qualified auditors for different (ISO) standards with excellent knowledge of the industry and standard(s);
  • No bureaucratic approach to our customers;
  • No unexpected costs or delays;
  • Worldwide experience with management systems.

Do you want to learn more about various ISO standards or make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for certification? Please contact us by our contact form.